The BMW iX is able to perform better than the Tesla Model X in this comparison of electric crossovers because it is capable of performing some extremely amazing movements. In spite of the fact that both vehicles are

enormous and heavy, the iX is able to take turns with astonishing ease and has the sensation of being as light and agile as a boxer who weighs relatively little. You would never guess that it is as heavy as it is because of its rapid steering and well-controlled body movements. It is a great delight to drive

, and you would never know that it is as heavy as it is. When it comes to stopping power, the BMW sports braking system that is installed on the iX is designed to provide enhanced stopping force. In most cases, this system makes use of larger brake calipers

and rotors in order to enhance the vehicle's capability of coming to a stop in a reliable and speedy manner. The Model X has a number of advantages, one of which being its quick acceleration, but that is pretty much all it has. Its own weight is the source of its suffering

On the other hand, the Model X utilizes anti-lock braking system (ABS), which is beneficial but has a little more robust feel, which can occasionally lead to problems in restricted situations. The brakes are still acceptable

despite the fact that they are not superior to the BMW sports braking system. If you are looking for a car that has a sophisticated handling, the BMW iX should be your first pick