Undoubtedly, the Model X is plagued by a multitude of build-quality problems, as well as an antiquated with an antiquated exterior aesthetic. Kia's EV9, an exquisite SUV, is influenced by their "Opposites United"

design philosophy. The powerful exterior design of the vehicle is characterized by its straightforward and welldefined lines and surfaces, which radiate a sense of confidence, clarity, and tranquility. Two unique "Digital Tiger

The front end is characterized by clusters of small cube lights positioned inside the bodywork adjacent to each headlamp, as well as a "Digital Pattern Lighting Grille"

". The side of the vehicle is characterized by a polygonal design language, well defined geometric wheel arches, and triangular fender components.

The tailgate's unambiguous and sleek design is highly noticeable when viewed from the rear. Consumers will be

able to choose between larger 21-inch wheels and 20-inch triangle-shaped wheels, resembling Our observations regarding the 2021 concept.