While Kia has not revealed the specific inside measurements of the EV9, it is certain that it will offer increased

m. The front row provides 39.5 inches of headroom, while the middle seat offers 40.2 inches.

The rear seating area measures 38.1 inches, providing a reference for your understanding. The measurements are 61.6 inches, 61.2 inches, and 55.3 inches.

The shoulder room measures 41.4 inches, while the legroom measures 42.4 inches in the front and 31.4 inches

in the rear. The front area of the Model X provides 41.1 inches of legroom, while the middle row offers 38.7

inches and the third row has 29.8 inches. All passengers will have access to lounge-style seats that are upholstered in high-end materials, which are elegantly understated.