Tesla is now in the beta testing phase and has committed to continuously improving the product based on customer feedback. While some individuals may have reservations about utilizing the feature while operating a

vehicle, it is advisable for users to just employ it when their car is stationary. Following Tesla's previous decision to allow games to be played in moving vehicles, concerns were expressed regarding t

the potential for distracted driving. In order to guarantee the safety of all individuals, it was necessary to activate the default lock

on the function. Given the longevity of Steam, it is probable that the lock feature designed to prevent distracted driving will remain in effect. While Tesla will be the sole carmaker to interface with Steam, it is not the only

manufacturer developing in-car gaming. BMW has announced that starting in 2023, its customers will have the

capability to engage in video game entertainment while inside their automobiles. Mercedes-Benz has games preinstalled on its MBUX system. Gamers who have a passion for vehicles might look forward to a promising future