Upon initial observation, it appears that the Tesla SUV has emulated Porsche's approach and undergone little alterations. Consequently, we get a typical example of a spot-the-difference situation. How can one differentiate

between the 2022 Model X and the existing model?Upon close inspection, one will observe that the front bumper features a horizontally positioned fog light, as opposed to a vertically positioned one. The user interface

has been significantly improved and is now more visually appealing. The complete elimination of chrome trim from the entire vehicle, including all areas. With the exception of the Tesla logos, another method to differentiate the new Model X from its predecessor is

through updated wheel designs and somewhat brighter features. Daytime Running Lights. All versions of the Model X are equipped with 20" Cyberstream wheels. However, for

those who are willing to sacrifice some driving distance and desire larger rims, the 22" Turbine wheels are also offered as an option.

The amount is $5,500. The core structure remains mostly unchanged from the previous model, with very minor alterations.