Tesla has made significant advancements in the interior, while there were no apparent enhancements to the outside. The primary characteristic of the Tesla Model X interior is

Continuing to feature the single-piece panoramic windshield. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with heated front and back seats, as well as a heated steering wheel. You are provided with a recently revamped dashboard that features three distinct

The inside offers a variety of theme possibilities and demonstrates a notable enhancement in the quality of materials and craftsmanship. The interior color scheme is uniformly black. The available interior color options are white or cream, which may be selected at an additional cost of $2000.

The long range model features wood trim, while the Plaid model comes with carbon trim. The inclusion of a tri-zone temperature control system,

along with HEPA filters and ambient interior lighting, will enhance the cabin's luxurious ambiance. Undoubtedly, the primary focal point is the 12.3" digital display.

The driver's display is positioned below Tesla's unique stalkless yoke steering system, which serves as a replacement for the traditional steering wheel.