At the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2021, Kia presented the EV9 Concept for the first time. Shortly after that, the production model started going through its testing phase. On March 14, 2023, we were given the first official

information regarding the EV9, which was an indication that the company had finished its development in a period of less than two years. Furthermore, we are already aware that the EV9 will be a game-changer,

despite the fact that information regarding the powertrain and battery capacity will not be made public until later in the month of April 2023

There is a total of 27 inches of screen real estate, a cabin that is well-appointed, a ton of exciting technology, including level 3 autonomous driving

and a totally new design language that is being introduced to the market. Considering that the beginning price is less than $60,000, all of this is available

In addition, if you believe that Tesla is having difficulty selling the Model X at the moment, you should just wait until the EV9 goes on sale later this year