The current issues with the Model X recall, which are undermining consumer trust in the brand, are an

additional recent development that is negatively impacting Tesla's sales. The recall pertained to seat belt

problems that had the potential to be harmful. Undoubtedly, this is an inadequate portrayal for a car that can

have a price tag of up to $100,000. Moreover, a multitude of fresh models have recently emerged in the electric

car market. The influx of new electric cars in the market is remarkable. Currently, we have access to a wide range of electric vehicles, including pickup trucks, sports cars, supercars

, SUVs, and everything in between. As a result of entering the market, traditional automakers are now capable of manufacturing electric vehicles at a lower cost. Remember that there was a period when a substantial financial investment was required to own an electric vehicle. However, this is no longer true as electric vehicles (EVs) become more common.