Steam offers a wide variety of games on its digital distribution platform. This compilation features a selection of the most popular and esteemed titles, including The Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto, and other more. Tesla has

integrated Steam right into its infotainment system. This feature allows users to access the library of titles directly from the dashboard of their cars. For individuals who want interactive gaming experiences using

manual dexterity, there are touch-screen controls accessible. Tesla does not impose any limitations on the number of games that may be played in Model X and Model S vehicles, with over 3,000 Steam titles already

accessible. In addition to expanding its gaming offerings and introducing new features, Tesla has committed to provide further upgrades and improvements in the future

Tesla now provides an enhanced in-cabin camera view, upgraded light-show elements, Apple Music integration, and other additional capabilities, including the

inclusion of Steam video games. Customers have the opportunity to utilize several additional third-party applications.