We are aware that the Kia EV9 will have greater internal room than the Kia Telluride due to the fact that it is wider and longer than the Telluride. Additionally

Kia did not publish the interior measurements of the EV9. The Telluride, which can accommodate seven passengers, has headroom that measures 39.5 inches for the front row, 40.2 inches for the middle seat, and

the amount of 38.1 inches in the back row to assist you in getting an estimate. The lengths of the room are 61.6, 61.2, and 55.3 inches.

shoulder room, as well as legroom that measures 41.4, 42.4, and 31.4 inches, from left to right. To give you an example, the front row of the Model X has a legroom that measures 41.1 inches,

the middle row has 38.7 inches, and the third row has 29.8 inches.

All guests will have access to lounge-style seats that are upholstered in materials that are perfectly modest and of the highest possible quality.