With its lightning-fast quarter-mile times and incredible acceleration, it continues to be the most impressive car on the strip, blowing away opponents in the process. Drag racing is a sport that the Dodge Challenger has a

long history of winning, and this tradition continues to this day. The Challenger models, such as the legendary Hellcat and the track-oriented Demon, are custom-built with unrestricted power and precision engineering in

order to achieve the goal of conquering the drag strip. Not only does the Challenger continue to prevail over its rivals, but it also continues to win over the spectators who

watch it operate. With each lap down the strip, the Challenger continues to establish its place as the unrivaled monarch of straight-line performance. It is

impossible to find a more exciting experience than driving a Challenger down the track and feeling the

unadulterated, total power that represents the American muscle. This is the case for people who are passionate about drag racing.