A dashboard that gives the impression of being panoramic and that extends from the steering wheel to the middle of the The EV9 is one of the properties that it possesses. The Tesla Model X has challenges in terms of achieving a design that is user-friendly

throughout the dashboard, since a significant number of customers have voiced their discontent with the screen's difficulties in becoming accustomed to. In spite of the fact that it has a limited number of physical buttons, the EV9 is equipped

with two touch screens of 12.3 inches each and a single segment display measuring five inches, making it extremely user-friendly. Despite the fact that there is currently no information available, Kia has reportedly said

that the EV9 will possess a screen for the infotainment system that is of a newer generation. Up to this point, all that we are aware of is as a result of the high-definition audio-visual, navigation, and telematics (AVNT) screen that was installed in

the SUV, the occupants found it simpler to interact with the digital world. There are discrete touch buttons of the hidden type that are used for the operation of the HVAC system as well as the start/stop functionality

In addition to this, the EV9 will be offered with a smart roof that would allow every passenger to have a Adjustable levels of light that are allowed to enter the cabin