By a significant margin, the Tesla Model X is superior to the BMW iX in terms of its storage capacity! When all of the seats are folded down,

, the Model X boasts an astounding maximum load capacity of 92 cubic feet, making it the undisputed winner in this category. In addition, the Tesla includes a specific storage area beneath

the front hood that is omitted from the BMW iX; it's unknown why BMW made this decision, but the front storage area on the Tesla is great for keeping picnic blankets, charging cables, or other goods you need to have

close at hand. In the meantime, the BMW iX has the capacity to carry a maximum of 77.9 cubic feet of goods; nevertheless,

it is just not capable of competing with the Model X. As a result, the Tesla Model X is the superior choice

 if you are someone who enjoys going on road trips and needs a significant amount of space for your possessions