While the Model X and the iX BMW share certain features, the Model X possesses a few distinct benefits over the iX BMW. The iX infotainment system's 14.9-inch touchscreen is significantly more user-friendly when

compared to the Tesla touch screen. The 17-inch touchscreen on the Model X is very overwhelming as it has the capability to manage several functions, ranging from climate control to music playback. The Model X is

equipped with a 960-watt audio system that includes Active Road Noise Reduction. It also has an eight-inch rear infotainment display, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a 22-speaker stereo system, wireless charging,

satellite radio, and Bluetooth connectivity for multiple devices. Additionally, it offers fast charging for devices through wireless and 36-watt USB-C charging. On the other hand, the iX offers several notable features such as

six USB ports, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, wireless device charging, and keyless entry. Another noteworthy feature of the Model X is its back touchscreen, which offers rear passengers a user-friendly interface

with clear callouts and icons. Passengers have the ability to regulate the back fan, alter the airflow direction, activate seat heaters, adjust the cabin temperature, and toggle the climate control system. Additionally, they may also access video streaming services. When a passenger is identified, the auto mode maintains the rear cabin at a pre-set temperature, while the sync mode ensures that both the front and rear cabins have the same temperature.