Despite the fact that the majority of people don't actually give ground clearance much thought when they are shopping for a car, it has a huge influence on how you drive. The vehicles produced by both brands are

equipped with air suspension, which provides a variety of benefits to the driver and passengers. These benefits include enhanced handling, an increased capacity to carry loads, a ride that is somewhat more stable, and a

reduced risk of rollovers. Comparing the BMW iX to the Tesla Model X, the former has a maximum ground clearance of 8.1 inches, while the latter has 8.8 inches. This is the difference between the two vehicles

s. In spite of the fact that this distinction might not appear to be significant to you, it has the potential to significantly impact the dynamics and performance of the vehicle

. iX is characterized by qualities that include increased visibility and a ride that is more pleasant, particularly on roads that are uneven and bumpy. It is also worth

noting that the suspension of the Model X performs exceptionally well; yet, there have been a number of reports of it breaking down in the past, which raises questions about its dependability.