The automobiles themselves may not be the problem in this scenario; instead, the issue may lie in the fact that the price disparity between them and more affordable electric vehicles is negligible. Nowadays, even the Model

3 is equipped with autopilot functionality, in addition to impressive power and range specifications. Despite the Model X and S offering faster charging, better range, and superior overall speed, one may question the current

value of these characteristics. The rationale for charging more for the higher-end models used to be valid because to the ample availability of the Model 3 and Y

However, this is no longer true. When examining the sales figures for Model 3 and Y, this fact becomes much more apparent. These automobiles maintain strong

sales, indicating that there is still a desire for affordable vehicles, despite a potential decline in demand for electric vehicles. Hence, Tesla necessitates a radical transformation to ensure the survival of the Model Y and X.

The car must possess unique features that are absent in other vehicles, while also satisfying a previously unknown demand. There is no alternative method to clarify the substantial difference in price.