It is possible that you have already seen that Tesla has resorted to offering price discounts of up to nine percent for a new Model X in an effort to reignite interest in the automobile. Taking into consideration the

current situation of the economy, it is possible that the prices of premium Tesla vehicles are not justified. To refresh your memory, there are a plethora of electric vehicle options available right now. Tesla does not exist in

isolation any longer. However, Tesla is not only lowering prices; it is also doing other things. Together with a complimentary supercharging package, there is now an offer that provides free electricity for a distance of

10,000 miles. Considering that free supercharging has the potential to significantly reduce the expenses of ownership

this will surely have an impact on the decisions that people who are in the market for electric vehicles make on their purchases

In spite of the fact that it seems as though sales have grown marginally as a consequence of these improvements, they are still quite low